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Group Notes

11 May 2009

by Ken Blowe

Our first Championship event of the year at 25 miles was incorporated as in previous years in the Andover Wheelers Open event on Sunday 10th May. Of the 56 solo riders on the start list 43 were veterans with 18 of these being Group members.

Early starters had the best of the weather conditions since the light breeze strengthened as the morning progressed. Ray Hughes was last rider on the card and was 2nd fastest on the day (54.18) only beaten by Paul Jones (Bournemouth Jubilee) off ten minutes earlier who recorded a really good time of 52.45 - in all a dozen riders beat the hour.

Terry Icke (Poole Wheelers) is Wessex Group Champion for 2009 with + 21.33 (57.57) and Dave England (Crabwood CC) & Tom Woollard (Northovers VT) were second & third respectively with + 18.53 (1.0.37) and + 18.51 (59.29). Lizzie Yates of the promoting club was the only lady rider from Wessex but was well pleased with her time of 1.12.02. The team award went to Sotonia CC + 21.40 - Alan Sharpen, Chris Summers & David Kimber whilst Norman Harvey & Mary Corbett (the tandem pair from Sotonia) recorded a time of 1.5.45 (+ 7.18) and then went on to win the National VTTA Tandem Championship at 10 miles at Cambridge on May 30th with a plus of 4.18.

Five new members have joined since the last report - Steve Bungay (Behind the Bikeshed), James Fuller (Bournemouth Jubilee), Tim Holmes (Guernsey Velo), Kevin King (Sotonia) & Chris Long (TVS Sherborne).

Those who noticed that there were no Wessex Group notes in the last issue will be pleased that Jim Burgin has put them in before my copy reporting the Group 25 Championship report. They are also on our website under the new heading of Group notes and Steve Brown , our Webmaster will also receive my copy each quarter for publication. He has also agreed that notable rides, FOS & Fastest results from whatever source will go to him for the Group website & not be included with Group Notes which will only contain reports of Group Open events in future to enable the Editor to keep both printing & postage costs as low as possible. The first of these updates will, hopefully, appear before you read these notes.


It is with sadness that I have to announce the death of Laurie Pither (aged 73) and a Wessex group member for at least twenty years. A genuine all round clubman he had served on the CTT South DC Committee for 10 years and was still responsible for co-ordinating all the many club events in the immediate Portsmouth area on behalf of the DC. Hampshire Road Club's General Secretary since 1988, he also produced and edited their monthly newsletter, organised time trials, randonees and club tours to France and still found time to ride very successfully in many events at various distances. On top of all this he still enjoyed many cycling (and skiing) holidays on the continent. He died in a road traffic collision whilst cycling on country lanes that he knew well- he will be sorely missed and our condolences go out to his wife Valerie and their family.